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My Dolls - Different Brands and Models whit Mimiwoo accesories on them.

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Doll type : BJD (E.I.D.) Iplehouse Limited
Doll name : Human Megatron (Kamau)
Doll age : 38 (71cm tall)
About your doll : A little bit younger than my original vision of the character in human form but still whit a powerful look, even if not depicted on this photo he has several items from Mimiwoo Store.
Any other information : It was a limited edition UV protect resin but once in a wile it's up for sale on the Iplehouse website.
Doll pic :

Doll type : BJD (M-Buddy) Buddy-Doll Basic
Doll name : Human Starscream (Teo)
Doll age : 16 (70cm tall)
About your doll : I wanted to give him a more young look but still a resemblance to Megatron so the eyebrows are made on purpose to base the concept of the character and combine some facial features to make him look like he's soon or so...
Any other information : It's a regular Basic 70cm doll, the quality isn't as good as Iplehouse and I find the price maybe too hi for what they sell but I love the expression on he's face and he matches perfectly the 60cm SD Dika-Doll jointed hands, careful whit that, the 70cm doll hands do not fit on the hole, if you have a Budy-Doll body even if it measures 70cm you must use the 60cm hands...besides the normal color skin from B-D matches perfectly the Normal yellow from D-D hands...
Doll pic :

Hope to add some more profiles soon...

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wowo, both those boys are really handsome - you are lucky


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