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~·* Firi-chan Hujoo dolls (& two more) *·~

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I post here my Hujoo dolls n///n I have other BJD dolls but now I show this XD

Ueda Angie or Uechan

Face up by me~

A little Vampire, He is the Shellren of other Hujoo of my friend n///n and we have a son named Okami, an Hujoo Baby Ted


Face up by me~

A little Lost Angel, he is the Shellren of other Hujoo o my friend and we have a son named Yun, my Hujoo Baby Suve Boy


Face up by me~

An Orphan little boy, I adopt him and he is human..no? XD I don't know...

KwanYun or Yun

Face up by Fumika Harukaze~

A little Dhampir, son of an angel and a vampire, his fathers find him in a cave and adopt him...



Face up by me~

The Asthrux Nohtrum of the family~



Moxie Teenz Repaint by me~


An full articulated Sniper Wolf, I don't know the company who made her...

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what a lovely family of dolls you have, and thanks so much for sharing Very Happy


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