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*\Vlad's family/*

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1*\Vlad's family/* Empty *Vlad's family/* on Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:47 am

Hello people!
I introduce my dolls family too! *\Vlad's family/* 98601 in order from oldest to newest:

Doll name : Natsuhiko Aotsuki
Doll type : BJD SD Bobobie Apollo
Doll birthday : 1 August
About your doll : He is the oldest brother (the aren't real brothers) but can not always be good to others bro, but he loves them.
He is bisex and he need someone of his size.(I hope he will come soon.) He have a complicated relationship with his youger brother Seth.

*\Vlad's family/* 6937430662_eff88e4b03_z


Doll name : Amon
Doll type : Hujoo wings open eyes
Doll birthday : 23 December
About your doll : He is a cute and good child. He is an otaku. XD He like comics, cartoons, cars and his favorite manga is Naruto.

*\Vlad's family/* 7928593934_29228524fb_z


Doll name : Seth Lilium Nocte
Doll type : BJD MSD Bobobie Song hybrid
Doll birthday : 5 March
About your doll :He isn't human, he is a Incubus, a devilish creature but he isn't so scary. he is actually very kind and sensitive.
his task would be to fall in love men and women but in the end he fall in love with his brother Natsuhiko. what makes him suffer is that his brother loves him but not in love with him as much as he does.

*\Vlad's family/* 7928592212_c1397de27d_z


Doll name : Aion II
Doll type : BJD YO-SD 5Stardoll Quintus
Doll birthday : 27 April
About your doll : He is a little vampire. He spiteful and moody but he can be also so nice. Hesecretly likes flowers but don't want anyone to know it because for his it's embarrassing.

*\Vlad's family/* 7928586362_507146650e_z


Doll name : Lilith
Doll type : Hujoo berry
Doll birthday : 25 June
About your doll : She is a Amon's older sister. She like annoy a little bit her brother but they play together very often

*\Vlad's family/* 7928588120_975805a96a_z


Doll name : 3H-Y (Mimi)
Doll type : Hujoo yomi
Doll birthday : 26 november
About your doll : I won her in a Mimiwoo "best dressed" contest (2nd place) She came unexpectedly but I love her! *\Vlad's family/* 98601 She isn't human, she is a cyborg but she is like a human.

*\Vlad's family/* 8394954765_b296e03688_z


Doll name : Ciel Phantomhive
Doll type : Docolla Little Dal x Kuroshitsuji
Doll birthday : 1 november
About your doll :He is very very tiny and cute! *\Vlad's family/* 98601 He has a obitsu body.

*\Vlad's family/* 8394952885_3905a0af86_z


Doll name : Astaroth Alaister Thanatos aLux
Doll type : BJD SD Bobobie Ai with male body
Doll birthday : 31 December
About your doll :He is a faun, he has a horns and hooves. He is unsocial and wild,I don't know him very well yet because he is in my family for a short time but I hope to understand other things about him soon. *\Vlad's family/* 830387

*\Vlad's family/* 8396036190_c0f05546c1_z

Sorry for my poor english, I don't know the anguage very well... *\Vlad's family/* 310903

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2*\Vlad's family/* Empty Re: *\Vlad's family/* on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:35 am


Wow, what an awesome family you have Very Happy
Your apollo is so handsome!

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3*\Vlad's family/* Empty Re: *\Vlad's family/* on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:53 am

Thank you!! *\Vlad's family/* 98601
I added a new members of my family!

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4*\Vlad's family/* Empty Re: *\Vlad's family/* on Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:25 pm


How lovely, lucky you - you have some very pretty dolls! Smile

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