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Hello to all! n__n

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1Hello to all! n__n Empty Hello to all! n__n on Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:16 pm

Hello! I just joined the forums, last night! My name is Stephanie or Steph/Stephie for short! ^^ Smile

A couple of years ago I heard of BJD.. and last year Shojo Beat posted a article about it. (I'm a subscriber for Shojo Beat.. manga FTW!) Anyways, I looked online to check them out and seen many types and sizes.
I decided on an 1/6 scale doll, a 27cm. size, because they are less expensive and also you can find other clothes to fit them.. momoko, some neo blythe, and barbie. Since I just started too, I went ahead for the smaller doll, because I wasn't going all out until I would know if I liked bjd or not. (I do of course!) :3

Anyways, last year on Ebay, I bought my first doll body and head from MimiWoo! The doll is a female 27cm obitsu with the magnetized feet! They were so beautiful when they came.. life like, except the body was natural color and the head white! I was soooo newb, I forgot to check the colors when ordering! -__-
I tried painting the head to match the doll and got it somewhat right... but when I added on other stuff to decorate my face.. the painted smeared and I rubbed it all off to start again.. Unfortunately when all the way clean, the face was stained.. the lips were an orangish color but in line so I knew I could fix that by going over, but the left cheek & ear, an bluish smuge was stained on skin.. I tried going over it but it didn't work..
To get to the point, I'm going to order another head from mimiwoo.. I decided I actually like the obitsu gretel head. When I get enough money saved, I'm going to get the gretel head and some eyes!
Btw, the doll stands great, looks awesome, and Mimiwoo was very polite and nice when my hubby ordered it for me! I gave him the money! I don't have paypal, but he does! Razz

I learned quite a few things, since the smuging accident.. what not to use on a bjd and also some guidelines on blushing the body! XD

Wish me luck!~

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2Hello to all! n__n Empty Re: Hello to all! n__n on Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:28 pm

Hi Stephie !!

Welcome here ;o)

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3Hello to all! n__n Empty Re: Hello to all! n__n on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:38 am


Hi there, welcome yo the forums - hope you enjoy it Smile

an obistu body is the perfect way to begin a doll collection, I started with a 25cm soft body, my collection has now grown into 4 various dolls + one 45cm bjd on order - hehe, it's a little bit addictive.

If you are going to do a face-up or body blushing you will need some MSC (mr super clear) to seal it, this is the standard for dolls, there isn't really another brand that does the same job.

If you have any questions about face-ups or blushing, I think quite a few of our members have experience - so please feel free to ask questions :3

Hello to all! n__n Sigdp
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4Hello to all! n__n Empty obitsu love on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:35 am


hey steph-driver,

I started out with a lovely little 27cm obitsu, same thing with the magnetised feet.Luckily I had arkaya to interrogate as to what to check for so I knew to make sure I had the same colour and the right size eyes and all that (thankee arkaya I love you )and was really nervous about messing it up when i did her face, but i think it went ok. You definately do need the superclear stuff though, i didnt use it and her face just rubbed off. I recently redid her face and will add photos when i get her new wig from mimiwoo.
IT is really addictive though, now i have a little 15cm boy called jojo and a 43cm girl (a resinsoul BBB mei model) called agatha (my avatar) and I recently redid her face, though I'm not happy with her lips, they are too lumpy. She is a work in progress Smile

Glad to have you on the forum!
Have a happy doll time Smile

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