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New blythe outfit

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1 New blythe outfit on Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:23 am


I got this lovely little blythe outfit from mimiwoo, and it's a perfect fit on my 15cm obitsu girl - Kiyone Smile
These pics are from a recent doll meet Smile

Sulking as usual !
The set consists of a cute shirt + layered skirt + b+w socks with bows on.
- The boots are blythe boots from ebay, the bloomers are from the hello kitty pullip set, the arm bands are from a 'baby bratz' set + the jewlery + hair band was made by me.

Kiyone with her new J-doll friend (jun plannig doll)

Enjoying the sunshine

Group shot :
Jojo - (Nomepies) 23cm obitsu w/muffin (doll eyes + wig from mimiwoo)
J-doll - (mays) jun planning Picasso Street East
Didi - (Nomepies) 27cm obitsu (doll eyes + wig from mimiwoo)
Kiyone - (mine) 25cm obitsu (doll eyes + wig from mimiwoo)
Lilith - (mine) 9cm puki puki piki (eyelashes from mimiwoo)


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2 Re: New blythe outfit on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:39 pm

lovely photos Surprised

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3 Re: New blythe outfit on Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:48 pm

Nice , and I love Picasso street j doll.

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