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1/6 O.C dolls

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11/6 O.C dolls Empty 1/6 O.C dolls on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:54 pm


Sharing my two dolls - body,head,eyes,eyelash and wigs all from mimiwoo
makeup by me >_> <_< ...its was very difficult to paint such small heads DX

Doll type : Volks VB-EM-DW, with gretal head
Doll name : Kyria
Doll age : 16

About your doll : likes to cook and shops for delicious food constantly.
Any other information : purple wig has been parted and glued to hold the shape. Hairband keeps it on the head.
Clothes is a modified from the hecate costume for barbie from 'rare-figuretoys' on ebay. Needed to change because she's a lot smaller than Barbie
Barbie sized shoes. <-- oversized but allows her to stand on her wn Razz

Doll pic : 1/6 O.C dolls S7000068

Doll type :
Obitsu slim male 27cm with 1/6 Male White Man Head Long White Hair
Doll name : Kay
Doll age : unknown ~
About your doll : sometimes appear randomly - not much is know about him. Past life - was the king of hell. Good friends with ceberus.
Any other information : outfit from 'rare-figuretoys'
hair tied back and cut fringe and sides so there were several different length strands. held by hair gel and glue
Doll pic :
1/6 O.C dolls S7000087
my camera doesnt like to take cloesups =.=
1/6 O.C dolls S7000074

the two together =D
1/6 O.C dolls S7000078

21/6 O.C dolls Empty Re: 1/6 O.C dolls on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:30 am


They both look aswome, you did a very good custom job
I am in love with their outfits, I love the overall look of both your characters Smile

1/6 O.C dolls Sigdp
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