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PrincessW's dolls!

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1PrincessW's dolls! Empty PrincessW's dolls! on Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:24 am


PrincessW's dolls! 384276_147983551976013_100002931087239_217446_1026914977_n

Name: Marigold (or Mari-chan for short)
Age: 19
Type: 27cm Obitsu body + Apple resin head A
Likes: Tea, bossing people around, doing fun stuff, adventuring, cooking, being in charge.
Dislikes: getting told what to do, her hair not going right in the mornings, vegetables, having to clean up.
Background: Marigold is a young girl from a wealthy family who lives in a big house in the English countryside, she is home tutored and never gets to go out much because of her parents always working (she has no transport out of the village) her best friend is HoiHoi-San Heavy Arms version Bug killer robot who she takes around with her everywhere.
She also has family and relatives but they don't visit often as they live in different countries.

[Image coming soon]

Name: Amelie
Age: 13
Type: B&G Doll Triya
Background: A young french girl who was found naked in Marigolds garden, no one knows much about her or where she came from, she is very quiet and doesn't talk but of course when she does Marigold doesn't have a clue what shes saying.

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