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Lamia's doll family

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1Lamia's doll family Empty Lamia's doll family on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:42 am

Lamia of the Dark

Lamia of the Dark
Most of my dolls aren't actually from Mimiwoo, I hope it is ok to post them here.

Lamia's doll family Cassiel2

My first Obitsu, Cassiel.

In the picture she is on the standard hard bust 27cm Obitsu female body, but I switched her to a soft bust body later. Faceup by me. I also made her shirt. The pants and jacket are Barbie clothes. She is a character from a book series.

Lamia's doll family Get_me_a_brother

A Hujoo Suve, Clover. She has a black wig that came from Mimiwoo, but she doesn't wear it all the time. She likes to change her hair and eye color. Faceup by me.

Lamia's doll family Blue_tank

Prizm, another 27cm Obitsu female. Her head came from Mimi. She has Cassiel's old body, which I recently switched the Obitsu legs for Volks legs. (It involved a bit of modification to the peg that attaches the legs to the internal spine piece. Also sawing the pelvis in half and gluing it back together.) The picture is from when she was still just an Obitsu. (You'll find out why I had extra Volks legs laying around when you get to Eldy's profile...) She has a jewel in one eye instead of an eyeball. Faceup by me.

Lamia's doll family Begging

Luis, 27cm Obitsu regular male. Factory faceup. He is a character from the same books as Cassiel.

Lamia's doll family Oooh_lace

Alex, my Bitty Bitsu. (11cm Obitsu with the head from a Cardcaptor Sakura anime doll) Clover is also in the picture.

Lamia's doll family Marika_in_the_rain

Marika, a 27cm clear Obitsu female. She is a ghost with a rune-sealed eye. Faceup by me.

Lamia's doll family Lothaire_closeup

Lothaire, 28cm Obitsu slim male. He is a character from a paranormal romance novel series. Faceup by me.

Lamia's doll family Tacky2

Tacky, 23cm Obitsu boy with head from a Cardcaptor Sakura anime doll. He's a demon child. I put temporary tattoos on him and sealed them with a brush-on sealant.

Lamia's doll family Nerisas_new_outfit

Nerisa, Volks EB. Faceup by me. She also has fairy wings but I don't have a good picture of her with them on.

Lamia's doll family Lamia_bikini_top

Eldy the lamia. She has an Obitsu head, Volks EB torso and the tail from a Beanie Baby Hissy the snake. Her pelvis and legs were removed and the snaketail superglued to her waist. Faceup by me.

(no picture)

Rosiel, 27cm Obitsu slim male. I don't have his eyes or head yet, so no picture right now.

Lamia's doll family Anya_faceup

Anya, Volks EB head, will go on an Obitsu female body. She is a character from a paranormal romance novel. Faceup by me, using eye decals and acrylic paint. It's hard to see in the picture but her eyebrows are white.

2Lamia's doll family Empty Re: Lamia's doll family on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:47 am


Yes, we welcome all your dolls in the profiles section of this forum Smile

You have a lovely family, I think my favorite is 'Prizm' as she reminds me of my OB girl and also I like 'Lothaire' as his faceup is so good, he looks kinda sad and sweet.

Lamia's doll family Sigdp
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Ask me if you need help!

3Lamia's doll family Empty Re: Lamia's doll family on Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:33 am


oh nice! those are some interesting dolls you have Razz i love the snake girl she's really cool (and has the same wig as my doll Marigold XD lol!)

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