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Uta's dollies~

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1Uta's dollies~ Empty Uta's dollies~ on Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:45 pm


I don't have many to write about right now, but, anyway.

Doll type : Obitsu with Parabox head
Doll name : Hye
Doll age : 15 (Recieved her head & wig on June 27th, 2013. Put together on July 24th, 2013.)
About your doll : She's my first Obitsu. She stands at 25 cm with an soft, white figure body and a white Parabox elf head with a faceup (not done by myself—I'm not ready for faceups ^^''). All parts bought from Mimiwoo.
Any other information : Her wig will hopefully be dyed soon. Hye is also the sister of my "little sister's" obitsu, Kairi.
Doll pic :
Uta's dollies~ IMG_20130728_171538_zpsc2bebc11
Uta's dollies~ IMG_20130725_105744_zps524f76f5
Uta's dollies~ IMG_20130725_141634_zpsf9ffc6d7

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