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~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~

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1~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ Empty ~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ on Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:17 pm


Hello everybody! Very Happy

First post in this forum. I want to show you the gorgeous shoes I got for my beautiful Souseiseki last november from Mimiwoo.

~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ 3806798232_7b4300dc06

Thanks for looking!

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wow, they are lovely shoes, great choice XD
I love that your avatar matches your doll <3

~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ Sigdp
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3~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ Empty Re: ~Souseiseki's shoes (Crobidoll Thor girl)~ on Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:28 pm


Yes, the shoes are absolutly stunning.

Well, actually my doll matches my avatar Razz Souseiseki is a character from the anime Rozen Maiden and she's a doll, a german antique biscuit doll, just like the other Rozen Maidens and like she's my favorite maiden, I wanted to bring her home. Volks made RM dolls sometime ago, but they are waaaay to expensive, plus, I wanted to customized my own Souseiseki.

I'll post pics of my other dolls soon Very Happy

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