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~*Dolls of my dreams*~

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1~*Dolls of my dreams*~ Empty ~*Dolls of my dreams*~ on Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:41 pm


~*Dolls of my dreams*~ 3914394490_c9a930fa5a

Name: Oliver (elvish: Sidhion)
Age: 15 (elvish age: don't know exactly, but thousands of years)
Nationality/Species: elf
Arrival date: head, 7-11-07 (b-day) and body, 11-01-08
Head: open-eyed Chiwoo Elf from Luts, sculpted by Cerberus Project
Body: B&G Dolls type1 body
Hands: original human Chiwoo hands, with manicure made by Saint
Skin: white
Gender: male
Size: 60cm
Face up: made by me
Mods: none
Eyes: HG 18mm Dark violet glass eyes
Wig: dark coffe fur wig from Sunny's Wonderful World
~*Dolls of my dreams*~ 4062712394_5629673e7e

Name: Valadhiel (human translation: √Āngela)
Type: Bobobie Sprite
Arrival date-b.day: 10-06-08
Human age: 11 (elvish: thousand of years)
Skin type: normal
Body: inmature
Gender: female
Size: 42cm
Make up: made by me
Mods: none
Eyes: 16 mm purple glass eyes from Mimiwoo
Wig: C-325-06 Silver from Cool Cat

~*Dolls of my dreams*~ 3805981291_fc13273059

Name: Souseiseki
Nickname: Sou, Lapislazuli star
Age: 130 years more or less
Gender: Female
DOB: Dic 10th (head arrival. Body arrived on 27-11-08)
Type: Crobidoll Thor head on a Volks SD10 oldskin body
Size: 57cm
Wig: CRWML-7 powder brown from Crobidoll, modded by me
Eyes: 16mm Life like acrylic from Crobidoll, one green and one red
Make up: Made by me
Mods: None
About: She's the 4th Rozen Maiden, twin to Suiseiseki

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2~*Dolls of my dreams*~ Empty Re: ~*Dolls of my dreams*~ on Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:13 am


You have a lovely family! What type of doll is Valadhiel she is so pretty:)

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3~*Dolls of my dreams*~ Empty Re: ~*Dolls of my dreams*~ on Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:19 pm


Oh, sorry!, I totally forgot to add that. She's a Bobobie Sprite. I added the size info too. Thanks! I love you

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4~*Dolls of my dreams*~ Empty Re: ~*Dolls of my dreams*~ on Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:52 am


Your dolls are so lovely! Wonderful faceup for Oliver! I love you


5~*Dolls of my dreams*~ Empty pretty on Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:46 pm


You have a beautiful collection Smile Oliver's face up is adorable, you have done a really good job I love you

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