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Doll 27cm face up

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1Doll 27cm face up Empty Doll 27cm face up on Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:00 pm


Hi (^.^)

I would like to ask about what kind of paint do you use to face up your doll?...
I mean, eyes and eyebrows, at least, we can do it with decals, but lips, face colors...
I'm thinking of acrylic but non-oil pastel chalk seems a good idea, too...because I don't think to face up 1/6 Dolls with strong color...I think non-oil pastel chalk can do...but is there any other alternatives you would like to share?...
Please (^.^)...

Thank you

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2Doll 27cm face up Empty Re: Doll 27cm face up on Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:05 am


here is a list of usefull items to use, pasted from another doll forum :

"Normal MSC

Liquitex (Acrylic artist colour)
Game workshops paints (Acrylic form water down)
Winsor & Newton Gloss for Acrylics
And some time used Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic

CONTÈ À PARIS Soft Pastels
Inscrible Soft pastels
or any other good brand soft pastels, they sale as a set or individual stick.
I've used chalk pastels before but I really don't like how it blend in together, when putting on the face of the doll.
Also it can be sometime hard to see colours, if it natural tones.

Most use is Daler-Rowey (Red based handle with white tip)
Winsor and Newton
and oddly Partners own brand bushes, *mostly used it for mixing and bushing,*
Also I used cosmetics Bushes for bushing for larger areas like cheeks

Clean up
Magic Eraser by JML
Boots Cosmetic cotton buds (Which got pointed tip) or the normal cotton if you like

Watercolour pencil by W H Smiths
Craft knife
All most of the stuff I listed is easy to buy here in the UK, But not MSC where I order from HLJ ToT "

Hope that helps!

Doll 27cm face up Sigdp
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