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New OB 23cm w/ gretal

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1New OB 23cm w/ gretal Empty New OB 23cm w/ gretal on Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:12 am


I thought I'd get a second small Obitsu girl for my other one (25cm - Kiyone)
I also wanted a new project while I wait for my DZ sis to arrive X3
New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0206 New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0209
Boots are from coolcat-coolcat on ebay, outfits are mimiwoo.com, pullip + bratz(white top)
white wig is a custom wig made by a friend.

New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0210
She is currently borrowing Kiyones old wig, she has a pretty black one on the way

New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0214 New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0212
A cute little petworks keyring that's perfect as a tiny doll for my dolls + Kiyone showing her round.

New OB 23cm w/ gretal RIMG0213 New OB 23cm w/ gretal NEAHKEERA
+ extra shot of my MSD size girls new outfits XD

so when I have some time I can do the new girl + re-do kiyones face-up XD

From mimiwoo.com :
OB 23cm body WS + Gretal head + eyes + blue wig
OB 25cm body WS + blank head + eyes
Black + white stripe 'blythe' outfit
Doll petworks keyring

New OB 23cm w/ gretal Sigdp
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