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Question regarding shoes for BuddyDoll M-Buddy feet...

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Hello! ,it's being so long since my last visit! ,I've being ill, but now I have a laptop and I can take it anywhere!, the other day I've made a order to Mimiwoo, and I couldn't decide what shoes to buy for my M-Buddy Raphael (factory: Buddydoll, I'm horrible whit measures... )since he's measures are very particular regarding he's feet and it's almost not a standard measure, for example, I brought on the same factory a pair of shoes made by "Luts" that was supposed to fit the doll, but they don't fit all, so, despite the fact that factory it's laying to their costumers or has made a mistake ,my only other option it's to buy some random female feet to be able to use any shoe on sale on Mimiwoo, but since I rather not, does anyone has any idea if there's any shoe on the store that could match the feet of my doll...?

Thanks in advance for all your help here...

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Thank you very much for all the links! ,but I'm more worried about the width of the foot than the length, such a shame I did an order a few days ago and it has already being shipped, well, I'll be adding some of those shoes for sure on my next order and I'll let you know!

I try to make big orders, I mean, more than one item at the time since then it's a troublesome to track it and receive it, that's why when I buy I made orders of more than 4 or 5 items at the time...

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