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Has anyone tried to adapt an Hujoo head to an 1/6 Obitsu Boddy???

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Has anyone tried to adapt an "Hujoo head" to an "1/6 Obitsu Boddy"??

I saw on the MimiWoo blog how to adapt a "Blyth" head to an "1/6 Obitsu body", but I got ordered my first Hujoo several weeks ago and I was thinking to use the body whit some modifications for a YOSD head I have loose, so I have to do something whit the Hujoo's head, and I decided to buy from MimiWoo another Obitsu Boddy for her, I haven received the package yet since everyone it's on vacations, but I was wondering if whit some modifications my two dolls could "trade heads", if you know what I mean, I know the Hujoo system it's by strings and the obitsu it's not, but maybe whit some modification I can make it look like it belongs to that body, gas anyone tried this up???


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I have never tired, but I am sure it will be possible, I think the hujoo heads are simmilar to pullips so you may need to do some minor modifications on the obitsu neck peice + maybe adding some elastic bands would help secure it - I'd like to see your progress Smile

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I have just tried to adapt an Hujoo head to an Obitsu body, please have a look:

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ohh~~ thats helpful!

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I saw a picture on another forum where someone put an Obitsu head on the Hujoo girl's body.

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