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Many greetings to all from Utah state in the USA!!! :D

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Hello folks! Very Happy MewUniverse here, although if you'd like you can just call me Mew for short. As explained in the topic title, I live in the US, specifically Utah state (home of great filming locations and odd religious cultures!).

The current dolls I have are a Doll-Love Alice, a Hujoo Berry, and a 23cm Obitsu. I'm also waiting for a Hujoo Wings to come in the mail, and I'm buying a 60cm Obitsu via layaway starting next week. I discovered BJDS back in October of 2012 and started collecting them in December of 2012.

Other hobbies and interests I have include reading (especially sci-fi and fantasy), writing (especially sci-fi and fantasy), doodling (sometimes sci-fi and fantasy), swimming (... that's not really sci-fi or fantasy related), sci-fi, fantasy, sewing, and daydreaming (that's totally a hobby, right?).

On other websites, I'm Mew-Universe (deviantArt), Mew Universe (Fanfiction.net, Den of Angels, Angels Unlimited), and Mew Writer (Flickr). Smile

Nice to meet ya'll! Very Happy

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