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Hello from Virginia

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1Hello from Virginia Empty Hello from Virginia on Wed May 06, 2009 4:01 pm

Hello everyone. My name's Will and I'm from Virginia. I don't collect dolls persay, but I have just ventured into making them--for my daughter. This all started over a $4.99 3.5" Raven Action figure. My daughter's 8 and she's really cool. A lot of times she doesn't really ask for many things. When the Teen Titans were on cartoon network--it was something we could actually watch together and I'd read the comics when I was young so she was amazed by my encyclopedic knowledge of the Titans. We started collecting the toys because her and her cousin loved to play TT when they visited. Only thing is that the series was cancelled and now that $4.99 action figure that once was now retails for $59 dollars or more as a collector's item.

Naturally, I couldn't see my way clear to spending that much money on a poorly constructed inferior doll. So I channeled my inner "Tim the Toolman" into possibly making a doll. At first I thought of just getting the Barbie and putting a costume on her, but I am very OCD about detail and functionality. In my research--seeing the obitsu doll having 36 points of articulation naturally caught my eye. Oh, my facebook friends thought I was crazy--but madness is so close to inspiration. So I bought my first couple of bodies and heads from Mimiwoo on ebay. Now we'll see what I can make of them when they arrive.

The challenge is making them actually look like the characters from the TV show--complete with costumes, and perhaps even gear. Right now I'm studying as much as I can about making dolls as a hobby, and learning new tricks like working with resins to create your own accessories for them. I'm excited at a chance for a new hobby. We'll see how it goes.

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2Hello from Virginia Empty Re: Hello from Virginia on Thu May 14, 2009 7:38 am


welcome to the forums, we look forward to seeing some progress pics! it sounds like you have a fun project on your hands one of our members lady kirk is very good at obitsu mods, check her profile post for some pics Smile

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