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It's because of Mimi (^.^)

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1 It's because of Mimi (^.^) on Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:58 pm


I'm nichan from indonesia...

i always thought that doll lovers were sometimes "too much"...they spend more than 300 USD for a doll...

but now...since I know mimi, i've been saving my money to purchase a 60cm obitsu (-.-)'....i'll be part of "too much" group, then...I like designing and making clothes but some clothes of mine are not "wearable"...it's costume or fancy category. I wish I can dress up my 60 obitsu with fancy clothes that I can't wear (^o^)

Currently, I'm trying to dress up my 27cm obitsu...
I also purchased 23 cm obitsu...when purchasing it, I just wanted to make them as my drawing model...but after visiting mimiwoo some hundreds times (~.~)', I think I want to dress the 27cm...
I purchased the rooted hair head and decal eyes. I put it on my my 27cm...oooohhh, i love it so much...it's very-very pretty!

I still have another 2 heads to "face up" and still thinking which wigs I'm going to order...

bjd is so FUN!
Thank's to Mimi for letting me know that (^.^)

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2 Re: It's because of Mimi (^.^) on Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:27 am


hello! and welcome to the forums, and I love the little ones too - I think I'll get a 21 or 25 cm one next - it is a lot of fun creating a doll Smile


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