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Obitsu Care and 21cm clothes?

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1 Obitsu Care and 21cm clothes? on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:56 am

Hello! I got a 21cm Obitsu doll for Christmas ( I love her!! ), and I wanted to know if they're are (if any) clothing items for them. I was wondering if momoko doll clothes would fit, because I have found some really nice clothing items for momoko dolls. Would momoko doll clothing fit a 21cm Obitsu doll? And if not, does anyone know of anywhere I can find some clothes to fit my poor doll?
Secondly, Shana (my doll) got a mark on her nose. o(╯□╰)o I was wondering if anyone knew how to get stains/marks off of Obitsu doll faces.
Thank you,

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